Ashley Abernethy's Purple Star Memorial Fund
Ashley Abernethy's Purple Star Memorial Fund  was established to honor Ashley Abernethy, who fought a courageous 7 month battle with Sinus Cancer.  Ashley lost her battle with SNUC (SinoNasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma) on December 1, 2009, three days shy of her 23rd birthday.  All donations received will go to fund research for SNUC.  

Ashley was a very caring soul.  She received her greatest joy from giving to others.  Whether a custom tee-shirt for a special event, a photo collage or a dvd, she'd spend her last dollar and endless hours meticulously ironing slogans on shirts, or cutting up magazines to add captions to her photo gifts.

To date, little is known about this rare and aggressive cancer.  While research on cancer is ongoing, research on SNUC is virtually nonexistent.  The treatment protocol for SNUC is drawn from successful treatments of other malignancies.

About SNUC:;jsessionid=83EDB14091929A141ECC2E7AE2A25B38

Additionally, we are working with NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) to raise awareness of SNUC, and all research findings through studies we fund will be shared with NORD.

Before Ashley's diagnosis, we had never heard of this disease.  With your help, we can raise awareness and find a cure  -- it's what Ashley would have done.

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