Monica Jan Beer, Ph.D.

Monica Jan Beer Memorial Fund

The Monica Jan Beer Memorial Fund was established by her family and friends to honor her memory. The fund was created with the goal of preserving Monica’s legacy by supporting activities consistent with her life of service to the country and devotion to animals.

Monica J. Beer, Ph.D., was a well-known and highly respected clinical psychologist. She devoted her career to the recovery, treatment, and support of those traumatized by violence while serving our country as members of the military, federal agencies, or private contractors involved in combat and counter-terrorism activities worldwide. Monica’s graduate and post-doctoral work focused on mental health symptoms resulting from early histories of trauma including childhood physical and sexual assault and domestic violence. She was a recognized expert in her field and one of the very few Department of Defense Psychologists certified as a SERE/Personnel Recovery Psychologist.

Monica was also a lifelong animal lover. Her dogs Jake, Chance, Cisco, and Lexi, horse Jessie, and bearded dragon Walter, were the light of her life. She established and operated the Deadwood Dog House, which was a labor of love and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. She supported countless animal welfare organizations, rescued and cared for numerous animals, and was an advocate for animals of every breed. Monica was also instrumental in programs to provide therapy dogs to veterans and other victims of trauma.

Monica was killed in a tragic accident in Deadwood, South Dakota. She was just 54 years old. Our goal for this fund is to support organizations that will carry on the important work Monica was doing in service to our country, and promote the welfare of animals as she did throughout her life.

We hope you will join us in this endeavor, and we sincerely thank you for your support!

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