Joseph L. Pecina-Pine
Made a Big Difference for Many

We invite you to do the same with a tax-deductible gift in any amount to the Joseph L. Pecina-Pine Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Joseph L. Pecina-Pine scholarship fund was established in memoriam of Alta Vista Charter School graduate Joseph L. Pecina-Pine. He was a young man with the world ahead of him and who was just weeks away from beginning his freshman year in college. Through this Fund, Joseph’s family and friends intend to inspire students at Alta Vista Charter School to discover the voice within that chooses what is right and accepts only the best in each personal effort. The student receiving this scholarship will have made conscious choices during his or her high school years that changed the student academically, and in character, for the better. You can help inspire students at Alta Vista Charter School to continue their growth and transformation by keeping this academic scholarship fund available to graduating seniors. We hope you will choose to put this fund on your list of annual charitable/tax-deductible contributions to make.

Know that gifts in any amount will help a deserving student to take his or her next steps toward realizing their life’s dreams.

Donate Now and Annually to the Joseph L. Pecina-Pine Memorial Scholarship Fund for college-bound students at Alta Vista Charter School.

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Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
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