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Thank you for making a donation to the Evie Penn Memorial Scholarship fund! This money will go towards two $500 scholarships for two senior students in the Park Hill School District who have battled their way through a significant physical obstacle and still have done well academically and want to further their education at an accredited college, university, junior college or trade school. Evie Penn was a student at Park Hill High School who lost her battle against cancer. When she was physically able to she worked hard at keeping up with her academics. This memorial scholarship is meant to reward two senior students who have worked like Evie did through physical difficulties and want to continue their education. By supporting the Evie Penn Memorial Scholarship fund you will be helping defray some of the educational costs for families that have already undergone a major financial burden by dealing with their students’ physical problems. Your help is truly appreciated!

Make a donation online by clicking the "Donate Now" button below. Please note this will appear on your credit card as a contribution to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, which administers our fund.

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